LeoBase vs Concrete

LeoBase is for sheds and workshops ONLY

LeoBase – The cost of a laid LeoBase is less than £5 – per square foot when laid on roughly level hard earth or stone. Major slopes should be eliminated beforehand (Details)
Concrete – Most base layers charge between £5 to £10 per square foot. We are not aware of any company that lays even a small shed base for less than £500 – which for an 8′ x 6′ (48sqft) is more than £10 (sqft)


LeoBase – Rough Level, remove topsoil (before and after photos)
Concrete – Material will need to be excavated in most’ cases and a skip may be required to remove earth, subsoil rocks and debris


Mess Created
LeoBase – Little or no mess. Surplus topsoil can be distributed in the garden
Concrete – Mess from material removal. Concrete mixed on site usually leaves residue, and form barrowing to site


LeoBase – Can be laid on the same day as the building is erected
Concrete – Needs to be left at least a week before being worked on and moisture, causing condensation will effect the interior of the building for weeks afterwards


LeoBase – Can be laid in low temperatures (zero or below) and even in very light rain
Concrete – Cannot be laid in rain or low temperatures


LeoBase – Cannot crack
Concrete – Often cracks, even shortly after laying or with time as ground settles


LeoBase – Can be re-levelled at any time needing just a screwdrive and a spanner. One Section, controlling the corners of four plates takes about one minute
Concrete – Cannot be re-levelled if slab cracks or settles


Surface Finish
LeoBase – Clean, Dust-Free epoxy paint, can be washed, wiped, swept, polished
Concrete – Raw conrete which will shed dust when swept, needs painting or tiling for a clean finish


LeoBase – Gives off zero dampness. Does not hold dampness if ground is flooded
Concrete – Concrete holds dampness and passes it to the interior of the building


Base Seal
LeoBase – The flat floor permits a perfect wall panel to base seal which is waterproof
Concrete – If the concrete base is not flat and smooth under the wall panels then the uPVC DCM cannot be used and a cement filet will be placed on the inside which will crack away in severely cold weather losing the seal


LeoBase – As the floor holds no moisture, condensation levels are considerably reduced not only from new but on a continuing basis
Concrete – A newly laid floor will have tens if not hundreds of litres of water from the mix which has to come out. This causes severe condensation and if the base does not have a good DCM {Damp Course Membrane) laid under concrete slab from the outset then dampness will keep coming through from the subsoil


LeoBase – Can be re-levelled quickly and easily at any time. It takes a screwdriver and a spanner and each spot to be re-velled takes about a minute
Concrete – Cannot be re-levelled


LeoBase – Panels are easily lifted to install cables and/or pipes at any time
Concrete – Floor has to be jack-hammered to cut channels for cables and pipes, then made good afterwards. Note easy, not clean and not cheap


LeoBase – The building and base can be dismantled and re-located to another area of the property or even moved to another location completely
Concrete – The building can be dismantled but the base would need to be broken up


LeoBase – Ten Year Warranty on components. Warranty covers against the failure of the component not surface oxidation
Concrete – No Warranty given that we are aware of


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