Building Warranty

Leofric buildings are the market leader in quality and integrity. With our unique tongue and groove system technology and post and panel construction, our buildings are built and assembled in parts, thus ensuring costs are kept down and quality is kept up. We are constantly looking for new, innovating ideas to improve our product.

All Leofric buildings come with an industry leading 15 year structural guarantee, from the date of installation, showing the faith we have in our product and also helping customers to have the security of knowing that any problems which affect the structural integrity of the building will be rectified, subject to terms and conditions.

Our 15 year structural warranty applies only to those parts of the building that are manufactured in our factory. Other parts of the building are subject to the warranty given by the applicable manufacturer, details upon request.

Terms and conditions

1. The Structure – This expression refers, and is limited to, the concrete components and the steel roof trusses where fitted. In the event of defects occurring with these items Leofric will replace the part or rectify the problem provided that:
a) the building has been installed no more than 15 years following installation and where the problem will result in a loss to the structural integrity of the building provided that the fault has not been brought about by individual, or as a result of the building in question not having been maintained to a reasonable standard. Failure to maintain the building can result in the warranty being invalidated.

b) the base on which the building is sited is sound, level and of sufficient quality to provide a suitable foundation for the size of the building. Leofric will not be liable for any failure of the base and any subsequent loss to the structural integrity of the building caused as a result of such failure.

c) the problem has not been caused by any subsidence or any extraordinary event beyond the control of Leofric, such as a war, strike, riot, crime or ‘act of God’.

2. The Roof Sheets are covered by the Manufactures’ Warranties with the uPVC roof sheets supplied by Leofric being covered by Leofric for ten years against cracking or splitting provided that the roof sheets have not suffered any damage or stress from external objects or forces.

3. The Fort Knox personal access door has a guarantee for one year from the date of installation.

Our doors are supplied with a primary coating but they should be repainted within 6 months of installation.

4. The standard steel garage door comes with the manufacturers ten year warranty covering the safe and reliable function of the door. A five year warranty applies to springs, cables, hinges & rollers associated with the door. Wood grain effect doors come with a warranty of five years. For cedar doors a warranty of two years applies to the door panels but does not cover any change in the colour of the wood due to aging.

This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights and refers solely to the building and so is transferable to subsequent owners.

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