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Leofric Building Systems has its roots in the original concrete garages and sheds that became part of the landscape following the end of WWII. Steel was unobtainable, timber was in short supply and bricks were needed for houses and factories. A new industry was born, sectional concrete buildings. It survives to this day although most of the original manufactures have gone out of business and even the great Marley organisation sold their product line to Leofric in the eighties.

Leofric Building Systems Ltd is part of a privately-owned group that has divisions dealing in the specialised construction of domestic garages, sheds, workshops and garden rooms. In addition we build multiple or “battery” garages for local authorities, housing associations and the like, and repair and refurbish units that were built up to 50 years ago, including the Marley range. Our steel building division handles large industrial units. Currently we are constructing a hangar for the Imperial War Museum at Duxford which will accommodate one of the last two airworthy Lancaster Bombers.

Our Click System aluminium framing division has just completed sixty museum cases for the library of the Pope of Armenia and the Click extrusion product line provides us with the best lining and shelving system for any domestic or commercial buildings.

Leofric is the most innovative company in it’s field. Although some of the remaining manufacturers still use timber for trims, windows and doors and galvanised roofs. At Leofric we have updated our materials, with uPVC in place of timber, gutter-to-gutter molded uPVC roof sheets which are leak-proof even in sideways blowing rain (we alone provide this) and double panel steel doors for extra security with up to ten deadbolts and concealed hinges that cannot be ground off. We are the only company to offer a steel and concrete base which is cheaper and more user-friendly than poured concrete. Our damp course system is also unique as are our new steel side-hung doors. Plus we offer a storage unit for hire at inexpensive rates to help with where to put the contents of your old building while the new one is being built.

A single unit 2m x 3m TempStor rents for £40 for two weeks (minimum rental) and £3 per day thereafter. There is a delivery and collection charge priced according to location.

Thus our products are the market leaders in features, looks, safety and convenience..

And our commitment to improvement doesn’t end there. All the older Marley Buildings can be updated with the latest doors windows roofs etc to bring them in line with current models. If you have an old Marley garage, even one built 50 years ago, then with our system you can bring it up-to-date.

At Leofric product quality, modern design and innovation is our hallmark. Check our features against the other manufacturers and we believe that you will agree.

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