Climbing pitcher plant.

A woody-stemmed climbing vine, the leaves of which develop a tendril at the tip. The plant tendrils attach to anything that will support it and allow it to climb. The tendril tip eventually develops into the pitcher which gradually swells then opens, already containing a digestive fluid with the odour of nectar to attract insects. Flowers are small and borne on a foxtail-like raceme.​

GROWING MEDIUM: Grow plants in pure sphagnum moss, an orchid mix, coir or coarse free-draining slightly acidic potting mix.

WATER: Plants should be kept moist at all times. Keep pitchers 1/3 full of clean water during hot spells.

FERTILISER: Plants are supplied with sufficient slow-release fertiliser to last until the spring following purchase.

SUNLIGHT: Plants require bright filtered light and in summer some form of shade is advised.

GENERAL: Nepenthes require moist/humid growing conditions such as a fernery, greenhouse or if indoors a bathroom. Regular misting is important during summer months in Perth.

Nepenthes Winter Care

  • Given shade for the hotter months, Nepenthes will now benefit from a sunnier position in the winter when outdoor shade covers can come off.

  • Ensure indoor plants get some warmth and good light.  Lowland varieties will generally need some artificial heating over winter.

  • Winter growth can be slow with Nepenthes.  However, if a plant is positioned with good winter light and trapped warmth during the day, such as in a greenhouse, plants can continue growing and producing pitchers. 

  • Remove dead pitchers and leaves to allow increased air circulation and light.

  • Shorter daylight hours and cooler weather mean you can water less often.  DO NOT let plants sit in water.

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